Knik Glacier
Prince William Sound
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Knik Glacier

This is the perfect Air Tour thru Anchorage’s back yard for those 
who want to experience the maximum amount of scenery and 
wildlife in a minimum amount of time. 

Bringing a camera on this scenic Alaskan adventure is a must; 
you never know what new sights you'll see. 

Plan on seeing spectacular mountain scenery with high alpine glaciers. 
You may catch sight of Moose, Bear, Mountain Goat and Dall sheep 
on your  flight.

Fly along the Chugach Mountains to visit the glaciers that surround 
the Anchorage area. Then fly over Colony Glacier to Lake George 
where it spills into the winding Knik Glacier Gorge. 
There you will view the breath taking blue ice of the expansive Knik Glacier.  
Your pilot will to give you first-rate picture-taking opportunities 
on a low level flight over the broad Knik valley

On a clear day, majestic Mt. McKinley appears to the Northwest. 
You will view the Anchorage Bowl with the Alaskan Range as a backdrop
 and see the mountain called the "Sleeping Lady".  

approximate time 1 ˝ hours  
$220.00 per person/2 person minimum






Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound is a magnificent region with 
over fifteen thousand square miles of fjords and inlets, 
dozens of tidewater glaciers and rugged mountain peaks rising from the sea. 

See incredible waterfalls.  
It is possible to see over 30  glaciers on your tour. 
Experience wildlife along the way such as 
Moose, Bears, Mountain Goats and Dall Sheep.
The sound's clear sea waters produce a rich marine life. 
Catch a glimpse of Humpback or Killer whales, 
seals, eagles, sea lions and playful otters.

Fly past the Knik, Colony, and George Glaciers.  
Then you’ll descend into the College Fjord to get our first glimpses 
of the tidal glaciers that calve into the fjords of Prince William Sound. 

As you start to look for whales, sea lions, seals, and sea otters, 
you will arrive at the Columbia Glacier. 
As you fly over the Columbia you will view the 
massive movement of the glacier with countless crevasses 
opened up by the expansion of the ice. 

For the return to Anchorage, many whales may be spotted along the way 
as they follow the salmon that are heading for their spawning grounds. 
Witness many fishermen and boats working their nets. 

As you pass Whittier and arrive in Turnagain Arm be sure to look for 
the Alyeska Ski Area, famous for its world-class skiing. 

You will soon see the city of Anchorage unfold ahead, 
becoming  a trip you will always remember!  

approximate time 2 hours  
$300.00 per person/2 person minimum


All our flight tours are weather dependant and 
final destinations will be adjusted accordingly.  





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